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Leopard Marine Services has made it a commitment to relief the concerns of ship operators and to change the reputation of transiting Suez Canal.

Anti Piracy Security Systems

Piracy History,

For as long as explorers and merchants have gone to sea, pirates have threatened.
History books speak about Ancient Greece reporting piracy as early as the 4th Century BC when shipments of grain and olive oil were targeted by maritime thieves. Ever since, piracy, which has ancient roots in civilizations, have a great impact on the maritime trade.

Piracy today,

pirates can be categorized into three groups: the mafia, the kidnappers, and the thieves.
Mafia pirates in Asia and West Africa target huge oil tankers, offload the crude oil for sale on the black market, and then release ship and crew unharmed.
Somalian kidnappers take crews and ships as hostage, then demand ransoms for their release.
Maritime thieves quickly board vessels, attack the crew, and collect whatever valuables they can before making quick getaways.
The region of the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea represent a favorable maritime geography for piracy due to the Bottlenecks of slow motion for vessels” where pirates can use as an easy way to blend in with the vessel. In addition, the political turbulence.

Leopard Role

Leopard Marine Services has made it a commitment to relief the concerns of ship operators and to change the reputation of transiting Suez Canal.
With our Experience providing Anti-Piracy Security Solutions for your vessel, we do not only design and implement solutions but we can provide a complete Best Management Practices to deter Piracy and Enhance Maritime security in the Red Sea.
Certifications could be provided afterwards.

How much does Piracy cost?

Today, as maritime trade grew by a further 3.8% in 2013 to reach a new historic peak and the ongoing proliferation of container vessels continues to reduce shipping costs, more than 90% of world trade is carried by sea.

As globalization pushes maritime trade to new levels, the seas are filled each year with more and more ships carrying greater wealth of goods and resources.

That means more targets for pirates. It also means more slow-moving traffic in geographic choke points like the Strait of Malacca and the Gulf of Aden, providing more opportunities for attacks.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that this recent boom in maritime trade has corresponded with a boom in global piracy which first appeared in the mid-1990’s.

seafarers attacked
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Our Anti Piracy Solutions:

Water Jet: High Pressure Water Cannons.
Sonic Gun: High frequency sound powered guns.
Security defenses for Citadels (safe rooms with radio communication).
Enhanced Bridge Protection: Laminated Bridge Windows. Metal Plates. Chain Links.
Laser Guns: Laser Beam to visually distract pirates.
Barbed Wire: Sharp Steel wire mesh along the ship’s side with electrical supply.
Boat Trap: Net to dis-function Pirate boat propellers.
Anti-Piracy Curtains: Pressurized flexible water hoses hanging and fluttering on ship’s side.
Lubricant Foam: spread on the deck/vessel side and at all access points.
Leopard Marine Services provide to our customers the luxury of amending designs and tailoring special anti-piracy systems for a better best practice.