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Port Tawfiq, Suez, Egypt
PO Box. SZ43255
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Leopard Marine Services

Whatever, Wherever, Whenever


Serving vessels transiting
Suez Canal & Egyptian
ports since 1995.

Leopard Marine Services story started before 1995, when two Egyptian fresh graduates, living in Suez, started as representatives for a popular ship agent in Suez, serving ships that transit Suez Canal.

Their ambition and enthusiasm made ships ask about those two specific representatives every time ships returned back to Suez Canal.

What we do

Leopard Marine Services invites all ship owners, ship managers, catering, offshore, Leisure Yacht units, and even tug boats to come and enjoy a new experience transiting Egyptian ports.

We provide our customers with a ONE STOP, where they can easily drop their anchors to enjoy all the tailored services required by their vessels in a smooth port call operation.

Leopard Marine Services has taken the promise to take care of your vessel by providing a wide range of responsive and integrated services targeted for changing the style of ship supply in Egypt.

Our clients

Some friends
we have made while
working together.

Most clients who take advantage of our integrated services find that they are able to make considerable savings by entrusting all vessel requirements from single stop, thereby substantially reducing transportation costs.

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Our Memberships & Certificates

Leopard Marine Services Certified with:

  • HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 22000 Food Safety Management
  • ISO 45001 Health and Safety
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Our Policies

Leopard Marine Services

Leopard Code of Conduct, Quality Policy, Environmental Policy, Health And Safety Policy, Drug And Alcohol Abuse Policy, Health And Hygiene Policy & Data Breach Policy.


Work inquiries

Get in touch.

35 Gawhar Al Qaed St.
Port Tawfiq.
Suez. Egypt
PO Box. SZ43255

+2 062 319 0211

+2 011 2001 0521
+2 011 2001 9494
+2 012 0013 3100

Ship Agency

Our healthy and sustained relationship with Egyptian Ports authorities help us provide a 24/7 fast and efficient turnaround for your vessels.
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Ship Chandler

Leopard Marine Services has taken the promise to take care of your vessel by providing a wide range of responsive and integrated services targeted for changing...
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Marine Contractor

Leopard Marine Services is able to provide general marine contracting services to our clients. Specialized services include Hull inspection and assessment, Propeller, Shaft Cleaning, Sea Chest valve...
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Offshore Services

Leopard Marine Services is all aware that having a reliable agent with an extensive network of suppliers and service providers is vital to your projects, we...
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Rental Equipment

Leopard Marine Services has managed a project of landing and installing two gantry cranes in the ports of Alexandria and El Dekheila respectively, dealing with various...
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Catering Services

Our job is to ensure that your crew eat well, rest well and perform well.
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Yacht Husbandry Services

We have a track record of serving Emirati Royal Yachts. Provisions and Cabin were supplied to a fleet of 4 yachts, a barbecue complimentary event were done...
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Anti Piracy Security Systems

Leopard Marine Services has made it a commitment to relief the concerns of ship operators and to change the reputation of transiting Suez Canal.
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Disinfection Services

Leopard Marine Services takes the initiative to cope with the novel corona virus by setting a team ready to provide vessels calling Egyptian ports with disinfection...
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Salvage & Scrapping Services

With our supplier network, we collect, dismantle and demolish all types of floating & wreck vessels.
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