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Our healthy and sustained relationship with Egyptian Port

Authorities help us provide a 24/7 fast and efficient turnaround for your vessels.

Leopard Marine Services

The Agent you need
in Egypt.

Egypt with its strategic zone on the world map

plays a role in witnessing a huge part of the commodities traded around the world.

Leopard Marine Services as one of the fastest growing ship suppliers and service providers in Egypt invites shipping principals to enjoy a new experience while utilizing Egyptian ports.

Leopard Marine Services deals with more than +300 ship owners, technical and commercial ship management, and catering companies, and with about +1800 jobs handled annually promises its customers an easy way for their vessels to open world waters.

We deserve
your trust

Away from the old school ship agents roaming around Suez Canal, Leopard Marine Services dedicates its resources, reach, expertise, and newly implemented infrastructure to support shipping operations not only on a local Egyptian level, but also, regionally and globally.

Leopard Marine Services as a growing ship agency invests in its relationship with trusted partners around the ports of Egypt to be able to support your fleets with 6 offices around Egypt and 3 offices abroad.


Big Shipping Names

Trusted partners

and network of 6 offices in Egypt and trusted partners


supply & husbandry operations/year



Local Expertise


Crew change – Ship Spares – Cash to Master
Crew Change Meet & Assist
We can look after all your crew change requirements; through our experience we deeply know how important it is for the safe arrival and departure of your crew in a timely but cost-effective manner.
We have contracts with major & local taxi firms.
We have our own hotel (Red Sea) located in Suez city.
With excellent references from all types of vessel owners and operators, our rates for crew change support are competitive.
Medical assistance is also provided for your valuable crews.

Spare Parts Clearance, Handling & Re-forwarding. (Ship Spares in Transit)

We arrange customs clearance, warehousing and direct delivery on board of ship’s spares in transit to your vessels calling at Egyptian ports.

Leopard Marine Services provide efficient agency services to STS (Fenders ship to ship) Operations off Ports of Alexandria, Port Said and Suez in terms of just-in-time arrangements and attendance of our highly qualified personnel for the transfer of a variety of cargoes of crude oil, CPP, DPP and LPGs between vessels of any size.

Cargo Transfer, shore and offshore services are very well supported and closely monitored from our side.

Cash to Master

We handle with profession any payments to your Master and crew.
This is handled with security services.
Your cash is safe with Leopard Marine Services.

Protective Agency

Leopard Marine Services offer available representatives 24/7 with experience, local knowledge, minimum cost, a network of connections with port authorities, accurate Performa D/A (PDA), handling all details of your Statement of facts (SOF).

All this is tailored in the case of unfamiliarity or discomfort with nominated agents.

We handle any complex governmental and local regulations details that might be associated with high, nontransparent costs.

We provide our protection services to shipowners (OPA) and charterers/cargo owners (CPA) to validate the nominated agent throughout the port call.


Leopard Marine Services

We Communicate & Over-communicate

Our monitoring services team will keep you fully informed of your vessel’s status prior to, during and after the port call while we promptly meet your needs and adapt to changing conditions.